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3 Apr 2019

Arran 14 & 18 year-old

Many of you know and love our 14 year-old and 18 year-old Single Malts as two of our extremely popular core range expressions.

The nature of whisky production is such that sometimes we have more casks of a certain year than other.  So, for a short time our 14 & 18 year old expressions will be leaving our web shop in favour of making sure that your local whisky retailers have enough to keep them well supplied for the next wee while.

No need to panic though, this is not the end of age statements for Arran Single Malt, quite the contrary.  We need to safeguard all our precious liquid to make sure that we can continue to bottle carefully matured, thoughtfully assembled aged bottlings for your enjoyment over the many years we have ahead of us.

Click HERE to shop for the 14 year-old

Click HERE to shop for the 18 year-old