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White Stag Community

Our mission is to celebrate the beauty, independence and true craftsmanship of our Single Malt, and invite you to take part.

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Why the White Stag?

The legend of the White Stag is well known.  Even in popular literature, this mythical creature has a strong presence – it led the children out of Narnia in the famous Chronicles, and also makes an appearance in Harry Potter as a Patronus charm used by Harry Potter’s future self to guide him out of danger. 

The presence of the White Stag on Arran is particularly renowned. The ethereal creature is said to have been spotted on a number of occasions both alone and as part of the regular herd of red deer which come down from the hills in Lochranza and graze in the bay, near Lochranza Castle.

As a group, the White Stags represent the same adventurous spirit of this beautiful creature in the world of whisky.  We have a common purpose which is to celebrate the beauty of independence and the true craftsmanship of our single malt with each other and our friends new and old.

We take pride in making sure that each bottle of our Single Malt has time spent on it to make sure it’s the best it can be. The simple pleasure of seeing friends worldwide sharing a dram of our whisky together is rewarding enough for us. 

We firmly believe that the legend of The White Stag in Lochranza and our arrival in the village in 1994 is no coincidence.  We have created a fantastic online community and new friends from countries all over the world have formed with one thing in common to forge their friendship; Arran Whisky. Our annual White Stag Gala Dinner at The Arran Malt & Music Festival is a great testament to that friendship. Come and join us and meet like-minded souls. You won't regret it.

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White Stag Benefits

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    Exclusive bottlings available only to White Stags
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    Quarterly White Stag Gazette newsletter. By signing up as a White Stag you are automatically registered to receive our newsletter
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    Opportunity to be involved in tasting panels for future White Stag bottlings
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    Exclusive member discount offers