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Arran Single Malt starts its life as Scottish rainwater at Loch Na Davie in the hills high above the distillery.

The clear water cascades down the Easan Biorach burn through six waterfalls, each one purifying the water further.

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Our barley arrives from maltsters on the mainland as whole grains.

The grains are then milled by us in Lochranza.

Our Approach

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Over the course of many years in our warehouses on Arran, the spirit inherits colour and flavour from the wood.

The quality of the casks that we work with is of the utmost importance.

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We never add caramel or strip flavour out of our whiskies using chill filtration

The purity of our water means that we can create a clean, sweet dram which is entirely natural and unadulterated.

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Quarter Cask 'The Bothy'

Apple tart, pineapple, brioche

Quarter Cask 'The Bothy'

Apple tart, pineapple, brioche

"A fascinating study in casks, and without doubt a 'must have' in the collection of all Single Malt Whisky enthusiasts."