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Signature Series

The Signature Series is a brand new four-part limited-edition series of Arran Single Malts which showcase the diversity of our spirit and the values which are important to us.

It will feature four unique bottlings specially chosen by Lochranza Distillery Manager Stewart Bowman and given his seal of approval. Here’s Stewart to explain a little more about what we’re looking to achieve with this limited-edition series. 

So what is the Signature Series? 

The Signature Series has arisen from recent conversations and trends around investment in whisky, and what the word ‘invest’ really means to us as whisky creators. 

Arran signature bottle bag UK 080623

For us, it’s about investing in whisky flavour and enjoying a high-quality dram in moments that are meaningful to us. We want you, our valued Arran Single Malt whisky drinker, to get closer to our liquid and focus on the quality and taste without distraction. We want you to share our passion in how we bring all the casks together to create the incredible whisky that ends up in your glass. 

Edition 1 ‘Remnant Renegade’

We love a challenge. We love the chance to be a renegade and to go against the grain. Remnant Renegade is a real snapshot into the world of Arran Single Malt over the years. Since we began distilling whisky in 1995 we have held a selection of remnant casks, which hold a small amount of leftover whisky from another bottling, that have not been able to fulfil their destiny as bottled whisky. Until now. 

Remnant Renegade was made using a true kaleidoscope of casks - some were filled a couple of years after we started distilling, and some as recently as 2017. The majority are ex-Sherry Hogsheads, ex-Sherry Butts and ex-Bourbon Barrels. It is 46%vol, non-chill filtered and with no added colouring. We are proud to introduce Remnant Renegade to kick off the Signature Series and hope you enjoy sharing with your own friends and family. 

The Future of the Signature Series

Look out for Edition 2 in 2024...