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'Arran Water' written by Gregor Adamson

Love the Isle of Arran and its whisky, and keen to learn more about the history of this magical island?  This book is the perfect one for you.

Arran Water - the term for whisky distilled illicitly on the Isle of Arran was revered for its quality throughout Scotland during the heydays of smuggling in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

In 'Arran Water', Gregor Adamson provides a comprehensive first-hand account of distilling on the island, from the emergence of clandestine manufacture to the construction of the present-day distilleries at Lochranza in 1995 and Lagg in 2018. He also dispels the myths, hearsay and folklore that have distorted Arran's distilling story and provides a clear narrative which highlights the key role that illicit whisky production and smuggling played in the island's economic, social and cultural development.

Using a vast array of original sources, he outlines the manufacture, transportation and consumption of sma' still whisky, unearths the secrets of the hidden bothies of the Arran hills and glens, and describes the bloody battles fought between the island smugglers and the Excise gaugers. Illustrated with archival and contemporary images, it is a captivating insight into the island and its people, making it essential reading for lovers of Arran and whisky enthusiasts alike.

Foreword by Charles McLean.

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