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We have created a Ballot system in order to sell some of our rarest limited editions and offer a fair opportunity to all of our Arran Whisky fans to purchase one of these special bottlings. 

Here is information on how you can enter the Ballot:

  • Select the Ballot product being offered in the Webshop on The Ballot will be offered for a limited period of time and there will be a countdown timer on the page which shows you the end date.  If the end date has passed you will not be able to enter and you will see the wording “Ballot is now closed”.
  • If you are a White Stag member it is advisable that you log into your account. If you are not a White Stag member then you can become a member by clicking on the “Become a member” link.  Some Ballots are only open to White Stags so if you are not logged in you will not be able to access the Ballot.  If you wish, you may continue without adding any log in details.    
  • Enter your contact and payment card details (please note we do not accept AMEX cards). The card details process will look like a payment is being processed but please note that no money will be taken from your card unless you are successful in the Ballot. You will receive confirmation whether you have won or not within 24 hrs of the Ballot closing.  If you are successful your card details will be processed immediately but only once the Ballot has closed.  If you are unsuccessful then please be assured that no money will be taken from your card.
  • Once the Ballot countdown ends, our system will automatically pick at random the required number of winners. All entrants will then be notified via their registered email as to whether they have been successful or not.  Payment will only be taken at this stage if you have been successful in the Ballot.
  • If you are successful in the Ballot then please note we are unable to add other bottles to your order. Postage and packaging pricing will vary depending on your delivery address.  Our delivery price will include the shipping of only the “Ballot” bottle.
  • Please make sure you have enough funds in your account on the day and time the Ballot finishes.  Payment will be taken from ballot winners immediately on completion of the ballot.  If you are successful and your payment transaction cannot be processed at the time of the draw your bottle will be allocated to the next successful entrant.
  • If you have any further queries, please email
  • Please note we reserve the right to remove ballot entries if the system is being abused by numerous entries from the same person and address, please respect the spirit of this offering.