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Exclusively Lagg

70cl | 46% ABV

Why not treat yourself to one of our brand new gift boxes from the Lagg Distillery?                                                                                                                ‘Exclusively Lagg’ contains our new Lagg Distillery flagship Single Malt, Lagg Single Malt Kilmory Edition.  Taste this lovely whisky from our specially etched Glencairn glass while adding a couple of drops of water from our lovely Clod and Pebble hand crafted ceramic water jug.  To finish off your glass can be rested on our logo etched slate coaster.                                                                                                                                            A lovely gift for those who like ‘all things Lagg’                                                                          

For the Lagg Kilmory Edition we have used Concerto malted barley and water from our own bore hole.   Our chosen yeast and fermentation time allows us to create the full-bodied flavour with a vibrant and fresh taste profile which is the cornerstone of what Lagg Single Malt has to offer in the future.  

The effect of peat combined with the vanilla and creamy influence of American oak form the backbone of the Lagg Single Malt.

 Try your Lagg Single Malt from our specially etched Glen cairn glass while adding some water from our exclusive Lagg Distillery, hand thrown Clod and Pebble ceramic water jug.   Finished in an ‘off white’ stoneware clay with our Lagg Distillery logo.

Finally, rest your glass on our etched slate coaster.

Our gift box includes

  • 1 Bottle of Lagg Single Malt Kilmory Edition 70cl
  • 1 Etched Glencairn glass
  • 1 Hand thrown ceramic water jug
  • 1 Etched slate coaster 
  • Nose

    heather smoke and charred citrus

  • Palate

    An initial burst of fruit gives way to subtle bonfire smoke and a long lasting finish

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