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8 Mar 2023

International Women's Day - 8th March

Arran's women and what whisky means to them!

This 8th March, to mark International Women's Day we want to celebrate all the wonderful women at the heart of our Arran and LAGG Single Malts. So we chatted with a few of them and they told us a little bit about what it means to them to be working in today's whisky industry.


Mariella Romano, Global Brand Ambassador & Brand Manager

"To the women who laid the path before me, worked hard to change the landscape of this industry year after year with passion and strength. To the ones who will come after me, the future lovers, creators and storytellers of this wonderful inspiring drink. And to the dreamers of the day, we will not be asked how it feels to be a woman working in the whisky industry, cheers to us!" 

Mhairi HartleyMhairi Hartley - Operations Manager

“Working at Lochranza Distillery feels like a natural home to me. My family has lived on the island for generations and being part of the fabric of what makes our distillery tick is pretty special to me. We are a strong team at Lochranza, and it’s rewarding working with so many other women who make the real spirit of Arran felt in everything they do.”

Vicki SturgeonVicki Sturgeon, Lagg Visitor Experience Manager

“I had no idea the whisky industry was as vast, to be a woman working with and learning about Scotland’s national drink has been a real opportunity. I’m lucky enough to work with many wonderful women at Isle of Arran Distillers, a driving force behind our brand”

Sarah HardwickSarah Hardwick – Lochranza Tour Guide

"A woman should be two things: Who and what she wants.

Whisky distilling has long been a more predominantly male-orientated trade but in recent years it has seen a rise in more women entering the industry and proving themselves as the cornerstones of the whisky world. From Master Distillers to passionate Tour Guides, it’s clear to see that women are making their mark.

Whisky is no longer just a drink, it’s about who we are, it’s about expressing how we feel about whisky, the meaning it has for us as an individual and talking about it because it’s close to our heart."

Jaclyn McKieJaclyn McKie - Marketing Manager

"Watching and contributing to the Arran Single Malt brand growth over the years has been amazing.  The best bit has been working with so many great women who champion different areas of the industry from production and packaging to selling, marketing and whisky tourism. Their knowledge and dedication never fails to inspire me. I can’t imagine having this much fun or camaraderie in many other industries; the whisky industry is like no other and the women involved play a huge part in generating that great feeling.”