Limited Edition Millennium Casks

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The Millennium Casks - taking care of the past and the future of our beautiful wee island.

The autumn whisky season always brings some very interesting new releases and we are proud to present our latest Limited Edition Arran Malt - The Millennium Casks which will be available to purchase from our web shop from Monday 28th October. So, what's the story behind this dram?

The turn of the new millennium was a time for both reflection and anticipation. Do you remember how you celebrated it? This bottling is a whisky snapshot of this particular point in history.  While the world partied and marked the turn of the century, the stills at Arran continued to produce the Single Malt that would be making its way throughout the world in years to come, representing this small Scottish island in all corners of the globe. The Millennium Casks bottling is a limited edition expression of 7,800 bottles of The Arran Single Malt inspired by a unique moment in time. It is a memorable mix of 35 Bourbon Barrels and 10 Sherry Hogsheads filled at the turn of the new millennium on 31st December 1999 and 1st January 2000. The whisky has been matured at The Isle of Arran Distillery for 13 years and has been bottled at cask strength and without chill-filtration.  We have chosen a very particular image to adorn this bottling as you will see on the front label and gift box of this edition.  The Roman God 'Janus' is the protector of this particular amber nectar from our distillery.  In ancient Roman myth, Janus was the God of beginnings, endings and transitions.  He was said to be blessed with the ability to look into the past and see the future and as such he is usually depicted as having two faces. Indeed the month of January was named so by the Romans as a nod to this well-loved figure, who had a ubiquitous presence in their important ceremonies and life events. We think he is the perfect person to represent the true spirit of this evocative dram. James MacTaggart, our Master Distiller explains:  “So much of what we do is measured by the passing of time, given the maturation of spirit. The Millennium Casks edition covers a unique period that none of us will see again. Hence we’re encouraging people to reflect and also look ahead to the future whilst enjoying a dram with friends! We feel that this bottling is the perfect example of our forward thinking independent character which remains true to its roots."

Euan Mitchell, our Managing Director, adds: “We produce whiskies which are consistently high quality and this new edition holds genuine appeal for drinkers as it reflects the importance of the past as well as the future.” Retailing at £64.99, a £1 donation from every bottle sold will go to the Arran Trust, a conservation charity on Arran which funds projects that look after the beautiful landscapes and environment of Arran.  One such project is that which helps to maintain the footpaths on the island which lead to Loch na Davie – the pure water source which is an essential ingredient in the Arran Single Malt. Euan added: “We want to help maintain the island for future generations and this new whisky release will help us to raise money for charity. We always work closely with the Arran Trust as we have a shared interest and passion for looking after our beautiful corner of Scotland.”

Here are the vital statistics on this bottling:

• Multi-Vintage release of The Arran Malt

• Commemorating a unique point in time

• Limited Edition of 7,800 bottles worldwide

• Bottled at Cask Strength 53.5%

• Unique vatting of 45 Arran casks filled on 31st December 1999 and 1st January 2000

• Based around 35 stunning Bourbon barrels and 10 outstanding Sherry Hogsheads

• Non Chillfiltered & No artificial colouring


Tasting Note:

Nose: The nose is vibrant and zesty with an edge of spice

Palate: Candied citrus captures your tongue immediately taking you back to the hallmarks of Arran with orchard fruits and baked apples. A sprinkling of vanilla and cinnamon adds a layer of sweet spice and oak to the initial fruity character. A splash of water opens it up beautifully, exposing the layers of creaminess in this unique dram.

Finish: Clean and fresh with a hint of spice, this classic Arran lingers delicately. Notes of mandarins and grapefruit mingle beautifully with the last twist of toasted oak promising another perfectly balanced sip.

Available from Monday 28th October in our web shop priced £64.99.